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Bosch Exxcel 1200 Pump Running Nearly Continuously

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A little bit of a saga, I'm afraid. I've tried the advice on this site but my problem doesn't seem to be covered.

My Bosch Exxcel 1200 gave up on spinning a few days ago. I checked the filter bay and the impellor was working ok and I removed a small bit of plastic that was sitting in the bottom. The area was almost as clean as the day it was maufactured; impressed!

My attention turned to the motor. I had to put the machine on its side to get to it (the back panel only has the "teardrop" access panel to get to the belt). The brushes were badly worn, so I replaced them and disassembled the motor to clear out the carbon dust. I reassembled the motor, reassembled the machine and stood it up.

When I selected a programme the countdown display very briefly flashed up and then went blank. This behaviour was constant yesterday after my repair, but seems to have sorted itself this morning. Water in the electrics, a software reaction to something or a connection disturbed by being on the tilt? No idea.

Despite the display issue I put the machine into a spin cycle and it worked (including the "Wash", "Rinse", "Spin" and "Ready" lights, though only the last two needed for a spin cycle). Or it started out working (and spun very well, thank you); at the end of the cycle the pump just ran and ran, the machine refusing to shut down.

This problem is now persistent. If I turn the machine off for a prolonged period (several minutes) then it will start a programme but go into "drain" pretty quickly. If I turn the machine off for a shorter period it will start draining as soon as I select a programme.

The drain is working; I put several pints of water into the drum and it's carried away ok.

I've perhaps dislodged a connector somewhere or some gunk has been moved onto a sensor by putting the machine on its side (how else are you supposed to get at the motor with no removable panels??!!). Can anyone suggest anything I can do to get the machine running again, please?

Many thanks,


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  • Root Admin

You have to be careful about laying a washing machine on its side as water can potentially get onto the pcb which are often fitted at the base of one of the sides. If you have to lay one down I'd lay it on its front.

Insulation faults can cause weird symptoms, insulation leaks on the motor or heater etc. A proper insulation test meter capable of testing at 500v DC would be needed to check though. If it's related to water getting in somewhere it may dry out after a day or so but I can't see it being anything to do with dislodged connections.

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