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Wouldnt It Be Cool To Programme/customize Your Own Wash Cycle

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Got a WMUD843 Washer and the program that gets the most use daily is the 60'c Fast wash - however im peeved that I cannot select 90'c on this programme only 60'c/40'c/30'c for times when say I have some towels and want to give them a really good wash at high temperature at 90'c - other than that I can select 'cottons' @90'c but the programme lasts for hours, not knocking that much off if i press the 'time saver' button - i know you would need extra time to heat water in drum up to 90'c but Id settle with say 1hour 10 mins wash at 90'c - i think that would work.

I just wish they gave you the option in the software of selecting quick wash at 90'c/60c/40c hate being restricted like this. also i would programme the last minute after spin to revolve the drum backwards and forwards gently before door opens because when door unlocks after spin all the clothes are 'stuck' to the side of the drum due to the centrifugal spin.

How call i was thinking if you could plug a laptop with special software in the diagnostic socket on the back of the control board to get right into the software settings and tell it to wash at 90'c on a quick wash and 'tumble' at the last minute of a spin/wash. - im always mucking about with my android phones rooting them so I can get the phone to do what it wasn't designed to do and customizing it how i like it - would love to be able to do this to our washing machine.

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Hi Andy. You can connect laptops to some washing machines, Miele engineers for example all have laptops they can use to diagnose and reprogram certain things. They can for example reprogram them to take more water in on rinses or even increase the time they wait before timing out on fill if one is installed in low water pressure conditions (I think). However they will of course have specific software.

Lots of machines do already revolve the drum after final spin to unstick the laundry from the drum. I agree that it's necessary, any that don't are stupid. Some even keep revolving at intervals to reduce creasing. Some also allow fairly extensive customising of wash cycles although they are unlikely to let you change them so much they might not get laundry clean or may damage it. Miele usually have every feature you could want but at a price of course.

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