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Have I Got The Wrong Belt? Or Am I Just Weak?

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Hi there, just stumbled on this very helpful site and I'd like to just thank Andy for all the help he gives people on here! Top man.

So, I just moved into a new property and there's a basic Indesit WIB101 washing machine here that appears to be in fairly good nick, however the drum isn't spinning and thanks to the advice on here I determined it was the drive belt. Opening up the back, I can see that there's a drive belt lying on the bottom of the machine that looks in perfectly good nick, possibly even new. However, despite my best efforts it absolutely will NOT go back on (even with the cable tie trick described elsewhere on the site - it just snaps the cable tie off). I'm an adult male, not exactly a weight lifter but it seems impossible to get back on. Is it more likely, then, that somebody already tried replacing the fan belt with one that was too small, gave up and left the smaller belt inside the machine? I know it's been opened up before as there were screws missing from the rear panel.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

[edit] Looking at the belt, it has the markings 124021151 CONTITECH Made in UK 1196 J5 ELAST. Looking at the Ransom spare site, it lists a belt that ends in 1195 8PHE. Is that it - case closed - wrong belt? Have I just answered my own question? [/edit]

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Thanks. Numbers on parts can't be relied upon as they are usually just manufacturer numbers. Its possible for them to change manufacturers who may use their own numbers but the part is still made to same specs. Your possible explanation can't be ruled out but it seems unlikely - though who knows?

A drive belt shouldn't be difficult to re-fit unless there is no rear panel to take off and access is only from the top with the lid off. If the motor is attached properly and the drum rotates freely there's no reason why it shouldn't go on. Sometimes they go on but just rotate right off again or get thrown off again in which case you need to check the alignment of the motor and drum pulley (the latter of which is often worn and lose).

But if it literally seems way too tight, and there's no way to adjust the motor (which is common these days), and as you don't know for sure the belt is the right one it may make sense to try ordering a new one.

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