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Miele W863 Spin Problem

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I'm having problems with my Miele W863 (12 years old) and my technician cannot find the solution. Apologies for the length of my post, but I don't know what to do.

I have checked the FAQs and I can't find anything similar to my symptoms


There are two problems:

A) At the start of the wash as the machine fills with water, the red 'check water inlet' sometimes lights up. It sometimes goes away by itself and continues, or does so when I open and close the door. When I do that, it starts filling once again with water, as if it was empty.

Even without the error light, the water level is higher than it was - I cannot open the door in mid-wash without water gushing out, though I used to be able to do so.

B) It skips the final spin on almost every programme. (One or two washes have been ok - but randomly) The spin works perfectly when I select the spin-only programme.

This has been a very long saga but my technician has not managed to find the problem. He is certain that it is an electronics problem, so he took the card back and forth to be repaired a number of times, but it made no difference. Then I waited 3 weeks until he managed to get hold of a replacement refurbished card. He put that in this week, but it has made no difference.

(If he replaced it, then that proves that it is *not* an electronics problem, doesn't it?. Unless he didn't actually replace it. )


1) Is this problem definitely an electronics problem, or is he barking up the wrong tree?
2) could the over-filling problem be related to the spin failure? I *think* that when it does not fill with too much water, then the spin is ok, but I may be mistaken.

Any advice for be very helpful. Thanks

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  • Root Admin

The not spinning could be related to the overfilling if the fault is on the pressure system. It could be a pressure switch or pressure system fault but if the engineer is a Miele engineer he should know what he's doing. If he's not a Miele dealer or engineer I'd get one in.

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