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On/off Switch Does Not Light Up

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Hello Guys

This is a Indesit W/Machine W123.

Switch on the On/Off button, nothing happens.

Remove lead at Motor.

Continuity readings are,

M8 to M7, M8 to M5, M8 to M3, M8 to M2, good. M8 to M1 no continuity.

M7 to M5, M7 to M3, M7 to M2, M7 to M1, good.

M5 to M3, M5 to M2, good. M5 to M1, no continuity.

M3 to M2, good. M3 to M1, no continuity.

M2 to M1, no continuity.

Continuity test across On/Off switch shows switch is working because power goes In and Out of switch.

Can anyone advise me further please.

Thank you.


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Open circuit across the carbon brushes cam cause some Indesit washing machines to go dead although lights should still come on. So if lights are lit up but washer is completely dead check carbon brushes in motor. Otherwise check these basics first


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Thanks for your response.

Apart from the continuity test results previously submitted, I have tested other units apart from the motor. Those readings are OK, except for the door interlock. I do not get a reading there, but I am not sure if I am checking that correctly. That unit have a simple flat metal piece, spring loaded to move, depending on whether the door is closed or opened. Please advise how to test.

This machine does not have a PCB. It is an earlier model.

I have a later model (rusted) which as a last resort I intended to use for spares. Units are different because it have a PCB.

Perhaps you may also advise, from your knowledge, whether I could just remove all the wiring and units, and fit them to the earlier model since the 'shell' is the same.

I have electrical kowledge and experience, but nothing about washing machines and no diagram either, so I do not know what the various units are.


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If my door lock is faulty, nothing powers up. The idea is so you can't cause a flood. The door lock on mine is linked with the pressure switch which overrides it when water is in the drum, stopping me from opening it. The first place my power inlet goes is the on/off switch, then from there it goes to the door lock/pressure switch. The board gets its power from the pressure switch on mine. Rather than checking continuity, I would check for voltage but obviously being careful. If there is no power reaching the pressure switch, I would suspect the door switch. With no water and power going into the pressure switch, I would expect another lead to be live from that to feed other parts of the machine. Obviously this is with the door shut. I have a hotpoint and if I disconnect the motor connector, the machine will still power up, but obviously not turn the drum.

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