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How To Reset Aeg Error Codes

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Having read previous problems and replies around the internet I hope that I have supplied all relevant information - hence the long post, sorry.

I have an AEG LAVAMAT 86810 with PNC code A914525314 01 which was leaving clothes damper than usual even when spinning at 1600RPM. I ran the diagnostics tests and got E35. I took the top off and located the 2 pressure switches and took off the hoses at the switches end. They seemed OK - no gunk on them. I blew down the hoses and sucked as well. I took off the pressure switches and blew/sucked whilst having a multimeter continuity buzzing away as the contacts made/unmade. I moved the waste hose and did a few rinse/drain tests and noticed some grey sludge coming out. I put some cleaning solution in the drawer and did a 95 degree wash. I do not know how to remove the bottom panels to get to the pressure switch hoses starting point so that is about as much as I could do. Does someone know how to remove them?

I now need to find how to reset the error codes to see if the E35 problem is still there. The power plug has been removed for over 24 hours but when I ran the diagnostics test again I still got the E35 error. I am not sure if the E35 error is still there or the resest did not work (read somewhere that unpugging the unit might reset it). I tried your 2 buttons on the left and turning dial clockwise but that didn't seem to work. Is there another process for this machine? I have buttons (left-to-right) TEMP, RPM, OPTIONS, OK, TIME, START/PAUSE and an LCD display above them and a rotary dial to the right (OFF, COTTONS, LINEN/EASY-CARE, 40-60 MIX, DELICATES, WOOL, SILK, SPIN, RINSE, DRAIN, MEMORY 3, MEMORY 2, MEMORY 1, REFRESH, EASY IRON, ENERGY SAVING).

And lastly thanks for your help


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Hello Darren, If the error code is just retained in memory and only shows on a diagnostics test designed for engineers I wouldn't be concerned. It would make sense for an engineer to be able to see what the last error was. I've known appliances where you can cycle back through previous errors.

Normally any error code should automatically reset or stop displaying the second the fault causing it has been fixed. It wouldn't make any sense for it to happen any other way. In the technical information it says -

There's no mention of any procedure to reset the error code other than the OFF/Reset which doesn't really say much other than imply it resets when you turn it off.

To see if the error is still there you should simply put it on a wash cycle. if it's still faulty it will abort and give the error code again. If not, it's presumably sorted.

I've just created a new article to describe and help on the AEG E35 error which will hopefully be of some help.

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