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Hotpoint Noisy On Spin

Guest Notebook64

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Guest Notebook64

Hi All

When washing then its ok

on synthetic spin boarders on getting noisy

on full spin it gets extreamly noisy.

no dents in drum - and doesnt sound like anything trapped

spinning the drum by hand - isnt noisy - bearings or motor

no rusty marks at back of drum - bearings

top and bottom concrete appears tight

drum not lopsided - suspension seams ok


very slight movement between metal drum and outer drum

also, inner drum appears off centre to front facia as you turn it - up slightly - down slightly, maybe 5mm between two

could an inner bearing cause this?

couldnt see any cracks in the spider on the back


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Guest Notebook64

Thanks for the reply

as I said, the throw on rotation makes me believe that the isnt central through the bearings if that makes sense -

the movement independant of the casing is about 3mm if I rock it

would that be enough to prove the inner bearing has had it?

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I changed my bearings about 5 years ago and it was a big job, but an engineer did offer to do it for £60 plus £90 for the parts. Probably much more expensive now. I did haggle that price, it was originally a much higher quote. I watched a few youtube videos and tried it myself and was successful. The thing that confused me the most was getting the nut off the pulley, it's a reverse thread, so I was always trying to tighten it lol.

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  • Root Admin

Noises are very difficult to communicate, when you say "noisy" that doesn't help much because it depends exactly on what kind of noise is being made as to how you think about diagnosing it. If drum bearings have gone you should be able to lift the inner drum up and down by a fair amount not just a millimetre or so, and there is usually rust and water marks at the back of the outer drum. When you spin the drum by hand it should feel rough, and make a rumbling noise.

When you turn the drum by hand and observe the front lip if it is out of true (slightly elliptical) the drum could be damaged due to an obstruction but it's possible the drum has always been like that as they aren't always perfectly round. It could be you only noticed it after carefully examining it.

If you could film the noise with your phone and upload it, that might help. (clicking "more options" button on reply gives attachment option. Other than that try to describe the noise.

Have you checked out all this article on noisy washing machine?

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