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Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

Hotpoint Few10 (first Edition) Washing Machine Review

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Some of this review is the same as another washing machine review on the main Washerhelp site as the machines are very similar. The FEW10 washing machine is virtually the same washing machine Hotpoint have produced for many years, which in turn was little different from the Hotpoint washing machines produced for several years previous too.

If you have had a Hotpoint washing machine before and the model number started with 95, 99, WM or WD then this washing machine isn't really much different although there are definitely some improvements.

(Hotpoint currently sell another range of washing machines where the model number starts with WMA. These are different to the WM and WD ranges.

One of my biggest criticisms of many washing machine manufacturers is that instead of sticking to a design and slowly tweaking it, they constantly redesign washing machines from scratch. This introduces constant teething problems and prevents developing a tried and tested washing machine.

So after sticking with the same fundamental design for so long, have Hotpoint managed to develop this type of washing machine into one of the best around? Well unfortunately Hotpoint are in a price war with many other similarly priced washing machines so they seem more concerned with producing just a decent washing machine that will sell competitively in their chosen price range rather than producing the best they can - which would potentially double the selling price..


It looks nice.


On the noisy side and moves around on spin. If you wash lots of small loads you may get extra noise as Hotpoint washing machines appear prone to letting the odd un- balanced loads go into spin, which results in a bit of thumping about. How do I avoid out of balanced loads in my washing machine?
No water pump filter, or pump filter drain hose. This is unnaceptable. Hotpoint washing machines have a hidden filter inside the sump hose which gets clogged up with lint. This causes breakdowns that most customers will need to phone an engineer out for, whereas most other washing machine owners have the option of draining the washing machine and clearing the filter themselves from the front.


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