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Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

Indesit Wil163 Washing Machine Review

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This washing machine has a 1600 spin speed which is frankly much too fast for a budget washing machine. It just doesn't have the quality of build and suspension to allow a stable and quiet top spin. The washing machine is noisy and moves around a lot on smooth floors. Hoses, and the pressure switch tube inside the machine flapp frantically against the casing on spin and can't be stopped.


Well it's cheap so you can't dislike the price. It also has a stainless outer tub which bizarrely only usually happens on the high end quality washing machines. Having said that, I've seen several of these tubs leaking after a few years so clearly it's not a quality tub.

The dispenser hose leading from the soap dispenser into the drum has been improved. It's wider in circumference now. They used to be prone to blocking with soap powder and detergent tablets causing water to cascade down the front of the washing machine out of the soap drawer.


Noisy and moves around on spin. If it goes wrong out of guarantee the cost of repairs could easily write the washer off. Budget quality parts.


Drum bearing failure. Control board faults.


Buy cheap, buy often. Also, don't expect it to be quiet. 1600 RPM is way too fast for such a budget washing machine.


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