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No Water Pumps Out After Moving To Another House

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Washing machine has been moved into new house. Have checked for blanking plates etc and even taken out the pump and put it back in. No water pumps out.

But a odd one here when i took out the pump to check it i check the black pipe from the drum to the pump and there is a ball in there?? about the size of a small ping pong ball?

I have not removed it yet as not sue how the sod it would have got in there hence don't know if its meant to be there?

Any ideas on this?

Oh and it doesn't drain lol (assuming it its the pump)

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  • Root Admin

There is often a large ball in the top of the sump hose designed to shut off the sump hose and stop detergent going into the hose where it would be wasted. If fitted, it should be a fair bit larger than a ping pong ball and right at the top near the tub. These balls can stick and stop water pumping out if they get gunged up.


Not pumping after connecting to new plumbing is usually down to the blanking plug in the spigot connected to the u-bend. On brand new plumbing the plastic spigot which the drain hose attaches to needs cutting off at the end but sometimes there can be a blanking piece pushed into it or even a blanking piece inside where it fixes to the u-bend. If the spigot is definitely clear all the way through and the hole it leads into on the u-bend is also clear then it must be the washing machine.


If as I assume it worked OK before the move it must be some obstruction disturbed in transit which has got into the pump or hoses, either that or a connection fault stopping the pump running.


If the pump is running check to see if it pumps up into a bowl or bucket which of course would eliminate the u-bend as a fault. As you've already checked the sump hose there could be a small item like a button stuck inside the drain hose so you need to check for that too.


Here's my article on this very subject, you may have already seen it but I'll link to it in case others come here with the same problem washing machine won't pump out after connecting to new plumbing

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