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Loud Banging Indesit Washing Machine


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Bit of a poser for you all.

I've got an Indesit WIDL126, 1200 washer dryer. It's been here since we moved in a year ago and works well.

Recently it's started making a proper racket on the final spin when it gets up to full speed. A banging which is deafening, just for a few minutes then it's fine, or sometimes it continues for the whole final spin. It hasn't effected peformance yet but obviously it's not wise to ignore a loud sound!

I've taken various bits off to explore, and done lots of internetting to learn what it could be. Likely culprits being an obstruction between drums, or the dreaded bearings.

So far I've found a mangled pound coin in the sump filter, and a ten pence in the pump at the front. I've taken the belt off the back and it does spin nicely with no noise or rumbling. I've also checked the front inside the door and the inner drum doesn't appear to have much give from the outer drum. There is no grease under the back or obvious signs the bearings have failed.

I'm happy to take the thing apart and just replace the bearings anyway. I've done plenty of washing machine repairs in the past (carbon brushes etc). But having found a few useful video tutorials in how to take the drum out, my machine seems slightly more complicated. For a start the front fascia appears welded on. All the videos I've found insist on the front being removed. Then there is a large unit on top of the drum I've not seen on any other model. And then the drum itself appears to be almost impossible to remove. I'm not even sure it's not completely sealed. It's metal not plastic, but I can't see an obvious way once it's out to get it apart.

My questions are: does it sound like the bearings, or have I missed something else? Is this machine not for dismantling? Or can the bearings maybe be replaced simply by undoing the nut at the back and removing (which would be infintely more simple!).

Help much appreciated before I meddle further, and you'll be helping the enviromnent if I don't have to dump it and buy a new one!



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Have a good read of my advice about noisy washing machines

It sounds like another £1 coin or something could be still in there. If the noise is a definitely knocking though it could be a lose tub weight which only shows up normally with bigger loads and is completely silent with no washing in at all (as would be a coin). I wouldn't strip down and try to replace bearings. Tip the machine from side to side and back and forth to see if you can hear anything(like a coin) sliding about in the bottom of the drum.

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try pushing the drum up and down fast, I had this problem once when the suspension units were gone. After replacing I had a louder bang which was the concrete weight at the bottom of the drum, silly me forgot to tighten it.

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