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Cryff Moon

Hotpoint Door Light Flashes Even With Door Closed

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Recently on our machine when we load a wash and close the door, the locked door button flashes as if to say the door is closed properly and the cycle doesn´t start.

We have tried using loads of different sizes, pushing the closed tightly, but it the light still flashes and we can´t do any washing.

Can anyone help?


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How many times does it flash? If it's a constant flash it may just be indicating the door isn't closed properly or that the connection inside the door interlock isn't being made (or the interlock is faulty). If it flashes a set number of times and then pauses for a second before repeating it could be reporting an error code although it sounds more like the former to me.

Try spraying the door interlock and catch with WD-40 and make sure the door seal hasn't started peeling off the rim preventing the door from closing properly.

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