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  1. Hoping I can find someone far more knowledgable than I am here! I've been asked by my sister to look at her pride and joy Samsung WW80j5555FX washing machine as it's started to stop mid cycle during the wash cycle. Have googled this problem and have found a lot of references to this and other Ecobuble machines suffering from failure of the main pcb, likley as a result of frcatured solder joints due to the new lower melting point solder being used now in manufacturing. My initial advise to her was to give the machine several long hot washes with no laundry and only white vinegar added to the wash. This worked for me on my own machine, a lot older Zanussi machine, which kept leaving lots of black and white grit like bits on clothes after the wash. I live in a hard water area. Using the vinegar seems to have helped to some extent but the machine still stops occasionally mid cycle though it can be restarted and finish pressing the pause button twice. I enquired about a PCB, DC41 00252a, that was for sale on eBay for the WW80j5555FX and was advised by the seller that his problem was eventually idenified as a blocked rubber hose that runs from the top righthand side of the tube that disappears down to the discharge pump. He was more helpful than I expected in offering that advise so I decided to take a look at the machine, check the hose and also check on the PCB model number, had seen several different PCB's listed for this particular machine. I found that there was a lot of restance to blowing air down that hose, having disconnected the top. I used a length of curtain wire and ran this down the hose as far as it would go several times and found that suddenly something moved lower down and i could blow down the hose as I expected given its diameter. So believe that hose was indeed partially blocked. I removed the PCB panel and noted the board was actually a DC41 00203b not the 00252a I was expecting/hoping to find. Went on to give the machine more hot washes with vinegar and lots of sludge appeared in the bucket we used to check on what was being discharged. Matters seem to have improved a little but I'm told the machine still stops mid cycle but not always. Now my reason for writting is:- Will any PCB from any WW80j5555FX work properly in my sisters machine. Her machine was purchased in 2018 and the PCB dated likewise, looking at the board for sale on eBay that board was manufactured around 2014 I believe. Seems that the 00203b boards are much harder to find than the 00252a ones. Would be happy to purchase the one I enquired about but have read that the replacement PCB must match exactly on the board model number and I don't won't to spend good money and find that things don't work. My initial thoughts are that Samsung modified the PCB's during the time they made these machines and that any should work so long as it came from a WW80j5555FX. Would anyone here know if PCB part numbers have to match the original to actually work? I notice on some sites the 00252a, 00203b and several other versions are all listed under the same heading and price. Derek
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