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  1. Hello and thanks for a wonderful website. My girlfriend's washing machine has been working fine until recently when it's started taking way over the stated times to do the programs. For example the 29 minute wash takes 1hr 45 mins. The only thing she could tell me was that the clothes felt warm when they came out. I've carried out all the checks you suggest in your guides (ie: check it's plumbed in properly, check the height etc of the waste outlet etc). I checked inside the machine and it doesn't have a pressure pipe running from below the inlet to a pressure cell. It appears to have a small white disk with 2 wires coming from it which I have traced to the inlet switch (after it travels around half the machine). There is another set of wires (blue) on what looks like the other side of the double headed pressure switch at the back of the inlet valve. I started running it through a cycle this morning to see how long it took for each part and to check water levels and it took water in to about half way up the door. I tried to stop the machine, get it to abort that program and run a drain cycle but regardless of what I did it continually took in water until it was getting very high up the door and refuse to follow any commands to cancel the program or start any other program like a drain for instance. I drained it manually, took what I believed to be the small plastic disk, which I think is the pressure sensor out and sucked and blew on it to check it but tbh I never felt it do anything so I put it back in place (it almost looks like a mini plastic speaker). After that I've run it through a cold wash cycle but could hear a very slight hissing noise (like a very, very low sound of a kettle boiling) despite being on a cold wash. Drained it once it finished and spun it. The programmer seemed to be taking a long. long time between each command and a lot of pauses so once that program had ended I checked the wiring connections on the what I presumed was the pressure sensor, pushed all the wiring firmly in place on the programmer etc and also on what I think is the thermostat. I've run it on a 29 min program which, took 31 min 45 seconds to complete so it appears to be working again. Fair to say I gave a wee knock at the thermostat and the pressure sensor and the programmer with the back of a screwdriver (VERY lightly). The 29 minute program is a 30 degree wash and I checked that the element wasn't heating (by listening for it) as I had noticed on the other previous program which was also a 30 degree wash that the element was hissing like it was heating and that I could feel heat through the glass door. I'm concerned that it appears to be fixed yet I don't know how I've fixed it. I don't like that situation because I haven't really learned anything as to the cause or as to how to fix it, if it happens again. Is it possible that a small loom of wiring at the rear of the programmer could have caused this (because I did feel it bed into place, which i didn't feel with any other parts of the wiring I checked)? Also is it possible to identify a couple of parts for me please? 1. A small white disk with 2 white wires (almost like thin speaker wire) at the base of the plastic drum at the rear just above number 2 below - I'm assuming it to be the pressure sensor. Am I correct? 2. Just below that and immediately above the motor there is a metal part (lozenge shaped) with 2 red (what appears to be mains wires) coming from it and an earth, plus it has a bolt in the middle - I was assuming this was the heating element. Is this correct? 3. There's a plastic round part about 2 to 21/2 inches in diameter sitting just below the programmer with a small (approx 6mm) plastic pipe coming away from it and heading down the side of the plastic tub to where I have no idea. Can you tell me what that is please? Your help would be very much appreciated as I'd like to know what these parts are, so that should it not be the case that the problem is solved, then at least I have a better idea what parts I'm looking at are. Many thanks Eric
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