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Damage Caused By A Coin


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Hiya everyone!Hope you can help me. Over a week ago our washing machine (Haier HW50-1002W) broke down...huge puddle on the floor. The ingeneer came round and said he found a hole size of may hand on the outer drum and that he is sure only something like a coin can cause it and we are not cover by guarantee in this case. It seems really strange to me since the machine was half loaded with 3 small cotton rugs i use for the bathroom and kitchen floor ..but assuming that it really was a coin, shoud not the guy actually prove and find the coin before refusing a repacement?

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I am feelling ripped off..

I am reay puzzled!Could that coin, or whatever caused the hole, disappear from the washin mashine??The engineer that came to have a look said that can't be find..but it can't be anywhere else than still inside the washin mashine i think...can't pass ther filter..can't jump out of ity!!My landlord now refuse to get us anoter washin machine because the report said tha it's our fault and it's a case of bad load.

Please can anyone tell me if I have any right and I should insist for them to find that coin??Can that engeneer really not give me any prove that it's my fault?

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Hello minniemouse: Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I fully understand your frustration, and the lack of any evidence is clearly going to fuel it.

The plastic outer tubs in my opinion aren't ideal but to be fair, as long as nothing but laundry gets inside the drum they don't cause any problems, and have the advantages of being cheaper, adding some element of insulation, and they never rust like the metal ones did. In my experience, if the plastic outer drum has a hole in it, and a part of it has broken away, presumably with jagged edges, then I agree with the engineer that the only thing that could have caused it is something punching it very hard from inside.

It could be anything metal, but it's normally a coin which has the right size and strength. What happens is the coin gets tossed around on spin and if it gets turned on its edge and gets between the part of the inner drum behind the drum paddles it can get punched through the plastic outer tub like a bullet.

When this happens the coin is likely to also be ejected from the machine and thrown onto the floor. It maybe somewhere in the chassis of the machine. It's possible for it to have even been thrown under the machine somewhere but normally I'd expect to find it rather than it completely disappear.

Lack of a coin doesn't prove it wasn't a coin, but I can understand entirely why you would want proper proof in these circumstances.

Al I can say is that if it was a coin, it would be impossible for it not to have dented the inner drum in some way. Examine the drum carefully for dints pushing upwards. If you can't see anything then carefully lay the washing machine down and get someone to slowly turn the inner drum whilst you look through the hole. There has to be a point on the inner drum which aligns up with the hole in the drum and has damage to it.

If you can see it then this is evidence that something substantial got trapped between the inner drum and outer drum and was forced out through the outer drum.

If you get to this point then the only question is, was the object something that was inadvertently introduced into the machine, or was it a part of the machine itself? I'm unaware of anything from the machine itself that could cause this to be honest.

Have you got accidental damage insurance on your house contents? If so you may be able to claim.

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Thank you so much for your reply!!it solved the mistery!I just checked and found the dint you were taking about..it must have been something that was in the washing then..even though it was more likely already there before the last load since i put only three rugs in last time i used it. it's really annoing thinking that so many times I found coins or similar things on the drum after a wash and there's no hole in the rubber for one to go through !!that's what you get when you don't pick for yourself a decent washin machine with a metal outer drum..I reckon after this experience i'll become almost paranoid about empting every pocket..our house insurance won't cover it either so we'll hopefully get at least a second hand washin machine..if the landlord have mercy..

Thank you again for your help

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