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Any recommendation for washing machine that rinses actually well or how to upgrade existing Samsung

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I've Samsung WW95T534CAE 9kg machine which is terrible at rinsing (2 years old). First I though there was an issue with draining pump, but Samsung tech changed the pump and it is still rinsing badly. Now I made some research and thanks to Andy's article I noticed that this is much bigger issue and seems to be a common problem with modern machines. So my question is, is there any machine that does the rinsing well? I bought "Which" permissions and found a few LG machines that were rinsing well, but those machines are old, so I no one in Finland is selling them anymore. Does anyone have any recommendation or another website which shows rinsing results as well? I found a Finnish "which" company and in their tests all the machines were terrible at rinsing (my machine was one of them grade: 4/10). Or can I do something that my Samsung rinses better? I have already changed settings so that the machine uses the minimum amount of detergent and we don't use softener at all, also water setting is set to soft as we have soft water. I watched some videos and some people are adding extra water on rinsing cycle to the machine. Of course this solution is very time consuming and far from perfect but the current situation is untenable.

Summing up: I'm outraged and confused to the manufacturers and to the companies who test these things. How can they recommend and write that this machine is the best washing machine on the market when it's so bad at rinsing. Washing result in my mind is actual wash + rinsing. Its good to get stains away but what do you do with clothes that are full of soap when "washed"? Its like my hands are dirty so I use soap to get the dirt out of my hand but if I'm not using water to get that soap away - what is the point?

Thanks in advance for every response!

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Hi Pk2. Just for reference for others, here is my article on why can't washing machines rinse properly?

Bear in mind that not using enough detergent can seriously shorten the life of the washing machine due to limescale damage and a buildup of grease and gunge inside.

I would avoid any economy wash cycles, quick washes, or half load options. All of which can reduce the amount of water used. If worse comes to worst, hopefully you can put a load on to just a rinse and spin only wash cycle if it needed extra rinsing. That would be better than cutting down on detergent.

Also bear in mind that modern detergents and fabric softener are designed to leave laundry smelling of various things, which might be confused for not rinsing properly.

I agree with the criticism of reviewers. Sadly, Which? do not seem prepared to make a stand and refuse to give any products a Best Buy award if they are not genuinely excellent products - with no serious downsides at all. I wondered if they have become too reliant on Best buy awards. My understanding is that manufacturers on the receiving end of a Best Buy award pay money to use the Which? Best Buy logos on their product's and websites. So obviously if they drastically reduced the amount they give out it would potentially impact financially. I'm sure they don't do this on purpose but maybe it is in the background?

I have been astounded at how many Best Buy products have negative comments in the "cons" section that equate to being fundamental weaknesses, which should exclude the product from any Best Buy awards. I've seen many cases, but a perfect case in point is washing machines given Best Buy awards that have one of the cons as, "poor at rinsing". If I remember correctly, that is exactly what inspired my article in the first place. How it is possible for a washing machine to be poor at rinsing, which is one of its few core fundamental jobs, and yet be a Best Buy is beyond me. The only thing I can think of is that Which? are genuinely trying to give Best Buy's to the best product, the one with the most positives in least negatives – and not ones that are almost flawless, which is what most people would term as a Best Buy.

In other words, it would be like having 10 people doing a bake off challenge, and all 10 were not really very good, but one was simply better than everybody else. You could say they were the best, but you could not say they were a recommended Baker. Not unless of course someone asked you which one was the best. And that's where the confusion probably lies. 

I suppose technically, the term Best Buy literally just means that is the best one to buy out of the ones tested. It's just that for me, and I'm sure most people, we expect a product given an award with the word best in it should be highly recommended with no flaws of any consequence, as opposed to sometimes just the best of a bad bunch.

Maybe the answer is to create a separate award. So you have an award for the best product that has been tested, despite it potentially having negative flaws. And an award for a product that was tested, and found to have no negative flaws of any consequence, particularly not of any fundamental function.


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