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Which Uses The Most Water?

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Helloes, I need a new washing machine and will probably get a Miele after reading the reviews here. The thing is, my son has eczema and I need one that uses lots of water to make sure all the detergent is rinsed out. Currently I'm waiting for a load to finish then setting the dial to half way through a cycle to give it an extra three rinses. Can somebody recommend a machine that is suitable? I should mention that I've about £500 to spend and I like silver not white. Thanks.

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Miele only make white washing machines as far as I know. I'm not a fan of coloured washing machines because they are very much dependent on fashion. When they go out of fashion manufacturers stop making them and you are forced to buy another colour, which if you've made all your appliances a different colour will be very annoying. Funnily enough I wrote something about it in my new Blog which I will be building from now on - Keep white goods white

Modern washing machines have a poor reputation for rinsing due to the drastic reduction in water usage everyone's demanding. Even most of the Which? best buys ( Which? washing machine essential guides ) are reportedly only "acceptable" at rinsing. I would expect Miele washing machines to be as good as it gets under the modern restrictions on water usage but if you join Which? you can view all their washing machine reviews and see their rating for rinsing efficiency on many washing machines. They have a Which? Online 30 Day free trial offer

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