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Miele Vs Ise - Which One To Have?


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Our Bosch Maxx (WFL 226L) is giving up the ghost, can't manage to complete the wash cycle, stops about three quarters of the way through, and then I have to switch dial round to spin or rinse to get a slightly dryer wash load (but not much). Have had a local engineer come and check it over, and it needs a new circuit board, which is likely to cost around £250. Bearing in mind the machine is just over 7 years old I feel it should be replaced. It cost £370 in 1999.

Have been doing some research and have narrowed the replacement choice to either the Miele Prestige Plus from John Lewis, or the ISE CI555WH, both are the same price £499, so that's not an issue, but at the limit of the budget. I spoke to the local contact engineer for ISE, and he was telling me that they (the engineers) are expected to buy 10 units as a minimum from ISE which they then come and install. Which sounds a bit steep when they probably don't have the storage etc. I have found the ISE machine from an on line firm appliance planet for £351 (+£30 for delivery), do you know why this would be so much cheaper, apart from the fact that they just deliver and don't install. Do you still get the 5 year guarantee?

Our existing machine has a 6kg load, the Miele only has 5kg and the ISE has 6kg, would I really notice the difference in the size/miss the 1kg?

I see from this site that it's very pro on both machines, but that doesn't help me! If you had the choice which would you choose? I currently do 3-4 wash loads per week. Help me make my decision please!

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Hello Fiona. The Miele Polaris Washing Machine is a truly amazing washing machine. It's built like a tank and nothing comes close to it in build quality. It also has a 5 year guarantee cover. However, as you point out it is less well specified as it only has a 5Kg drum as opposed to the ISE's 6Kg drum and the ISE spins at 1500 RPM whereas they Miele Prestige only spins at 1300 RPM.

Comparing washing machines is very tricky at times, but if we compare by price it can be mistakenly assumed that because the price is the same then build quality is the same ( If I buy a more expensive washing machine, do I get a better one ). In this case a fairer comparison would be to compare the ISE with the Miele Prestige Plus Washing Machine which also has a 6Kg drum and a closer (but still 100 RPM slower) 1400 spin speed. The price of the Miele then becomes £799 - a massive £299 more expensive than the ISE CI555WH . This price difference shows the superior build quality of the Miele washing machine, which compared to ordinary washing machines is awesome.

The choice between the Miele Polaris Washing Machine and the ISE CI555WH (which are the same price) boils down to which you prefer a certain proportion of the purchasing price to go on, extra build quality or extra features. On the left there is the best quality washing machine available in the UK, with a smaller drum and slower spin speed, and on the right there's one that's not in the same class (none are really) but a reasonably decent washing machine with a slightly bigger drum and a little bit faster spin speed. Repairs should be much cheaper for the ISE washing machine, but in theory they should be more often.

The ISE washing machine can't be bought at Appliance World. There's no picture and no information on the ISE at their site at all. I think it's a link that should be removed but hasn't been. The ISE washing machine is only supposed to be available through local independent traders and not big retailers. It can be ordered through the actual ISE site, but both these methods result in the sale being passed onto an ISE dealer. This is because part of the whole concept is to give the independent traders back some advantage over the big retailers and because the ISE washing machine should be installed and demonstrated by an engineer as part of the package. Some dealers do sell the ISE cheaper, but without the full 5 year guarantee, and the odd one has been known to absorb the cost of installation themselves which is also part of the price.

As to whether you'd miss the extra 1Kg that's difficult. If you regularly fill the drum full then maybe you would. If not you might not notice much difference or it could be lived with relatively easily. I would also think 1400 spin is perfectly good for most people.


UPDATE: ISE has since ceased trading!

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