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Extra wash cycle programmes

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A while ago I posted that I was having problems with my 11 year old MieleW980 washing machine. While waiting for the lovely man from Miele who sorted everything outfor me I decided to re read the instruction manual. I have discovered that pressing several buttons at once I can access programme features additional to the ones shown on the no nonsense dial. I have now programmed the machine to start by flushing both of the draws in the powder tray. This has been very useful as we live in an extremely hard hardwater area. I now put some powder and a small amount of soda in the prewash tray (which flushes first) and thenput the rest of the powder and a limescale prevention tablet in the second compartment, which flushes a fraction of a second later. The results have meant a much cleaner detergent tray.

I have to say that loathe to admit it , it proves "him indoors" right; he always says that one of the main rules in life is RTFM (as in Read the F* Manual). So I'm feeling bit sheepish for possibly not having RTFM to its entirety. :blush:

On reflection it would have been good if the existence of additional progs was pointed out when choosing the machine.

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I suppose people can be categorised into 3 distinct types. Those that never read instruction manuals, those that browse them, and those that mash a cup of tea, sit down, and read them from cover to cover. I'm in the latter category (not a boast) and often even relish reading the instruction book <fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_smile.png There's hardly a product where you can't learn something about how to look after it or how to use an obscure but useful feature - even with something you'd think you just plug it and get on with it (like a fridge) has important and useful information inside its instruction book.

Sometimes to be fair it's quite a job, and I often leave a big instruction manual lying around for several days and just read it a bit at a time but it's definitely worth making the effort.

celtictaj said:

On reflection it would have been good if the existance of additional progs was pointed out when choosing the machine.

Ah, the sales person most probably didn't read the instruction book either <fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_wink.png

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