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Suggestion for washer/dryer machine to be modified for use on a boat

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Hi all! 


I am looking for a suggestion of a model of washing machine where what i want to do will be possible. I am looking for something not too big (6-8kgs max) 

Due to the low mains power availability on a boat, I cannot use the electric heating elements, however I have a gas boiler (and engine) to provide hot water as well as a diesel heater to provide hot air. 

So i would like to modify this washing machine to bypass the electric elements, run straight from hot water and the drier to run from the air piped from the diesel heater

If cars are anything to go by these days i would assume washing machines would get upset when you go diconnecting their elements! So i am looking for something that wont mind. 

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Hello there. As if you disconnect the heating element I would imagine all modern washing machines will fail to run, most should bring up an error code. The best suggestion I can think of apart from checking with boating enthusiast forums as to how other people manage, is to buy a washing machine where you can manually select the wash temperature. If you can find one where you can turn the wash temperature down to 0 then it should function perfectly okay. Alternatively if there is one with a cold wash cycle that would work.

I honestly can't see how you could get a tumble dryer to run from air piped from a diesel heater but you sound like you have a plan.

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