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Help! Brand New Wachine Machine Won't Work


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I'm praying there is someone out there who will read this and know what to do about this problem........ Just bought a brand new washing machine which was delivered yesterday afternoon. The transport bolts were removed, and it was connected up to the power and water. Before the first wash the machine must run a cycle on empty and the instructions were followed to the letter - putting 1 litre water in the drum and a half measure of detergent in feeder, set to the required programme and pressed Start. Nothing happens. I tested the water pressure which is fine, checked all the connections numerous times, and still nothing.

The shop where we bought the appliance weren't interested and only suggested we get the water pressure tested - which we had already done. Any suggestions??? (By the way, considering this machine cost £700 I wasn't impressed with the pathetic one sheet of instruction manual.)

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Hi! You say the machine won't "start". Does it power up at all (most modern machines will drain the sump before filling with water when you turn it on, so you should hear the pump)?

If you have checked all the obvious connections, that its plumbed in correctly, plugged in and that a programme has been selected and it still doesn't work, personally, I would contact the store where you brought the machine from, and request a replacement or refund (both of which you are perfectly entitled to under the Sale Of Goods Act 1974).

If the store try a fob you off with an engineers visit, refuse. You are entitled to a refund or if you wish replacement due to the length of time you've owned the machine, and the fact it doesn't work from new.

Washerhelp has excellent advice on his website with regards your rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

Washing machine consumer advice

I hope this helps. J

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What does the washer do on spin? If it doesn't work on spin either then it can't be anything to do with water pressure. Just double check everything including checking that the door is shut properly.

The majority of calls to brand new washing machines (just installed) with "faults" turn out to be user faults or installation faults. All washing machines are tested at the factory (which is why the drum is usually damp) so it's rare for one simply not to work.

However, it is certainly possible, so if you've double checked everything and are sure it is faulty, you need to get them to look at it. The retailer is responsible if it is fault, and should be obliged to replace it or give a full refund. If the retailer doesn't have any engineers you will need to call the manufacturer. If it turns out to be an installation fault, then whoever installed it is responsible.

They would need to look at it first, they won't agree to exchange it until an engineer's examined it in case it turned out to be something very simple and easily sorted or a faulty wall socket, installation, user fault etc.

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