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TwinDos - using your own detergent

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I've recently bought a TwinDos washer and don't expect to continue using the genuine Miele Phase 1 & 2 detergents due to cost, so was thinking about filling them with my own. I've read it's possible, but wondered what people's experiences were like? Does the system behave well using non-Miele detergents? One of my concerns is the system will clog up and not perform well and any issues in the future will be greeted by Miele with 'not covered under warranty as you haven't been using our detergents'.

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I have mixed feelings about this auto dosing. On the one hand it's been a long time coming. I would guess that most people don't put the correct amount of detergent in. They'll put too much, or too little. This can cause damage to the washing machine over the years. But on the other hand, any system that locks you into using the manufacturers detergent is a bad idea for consumers. My other concern is if the detergent used in auto dosing is liquid detergent that is bad. Liquid detergent is known to contribute to the buildup of washing machine smells, grease and grime because it doesn't contain any bleaching agents. If this has changed I haven't heard but it would be welcome.

As for not being covered under guarantee. That should only apply if a fault can be shown to be directly caused by not using their detergents. Any unrelated fault should be unaffected.

We should always be very wary about buying any product that ties us in to using the manufacturers own consumables. Especially when those consumables are a vital component to using the product. I can't say how advisable it is to use something else because I haven't studied a washing machine fitted with it. But I would assume if you use detergent with the similar consistency to the original it shouldn't cause any physical problems. At the end of the day Miele is a high quality product so it's not ideal to use cheap detergent. If you try replacing it make sure you use good quality detergent. 

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