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John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances


Miele Aquastop

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I am about to buy a washing machine for my new flat. I have been advised to buy a Miele - and after doing some research I have come across your site and other reviews all recommending Miele.

Does the Miele Premiere 520 or W1512 have Aquastop? To prevent flooding should it leak? I intend to do the majority of my washing when I am not at home.

I also notice that John Lewis don't stock any of these models but has other models with different names?


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They don't use the Aquastop system, which protects just the fill hoses. However, you should be able to buy Aquastop fill hoses separately although they may well be at least £50 each. Here's a quote from the Miele W1512 and Premiere 520 instruction books (although I believe the same will apply to all the Miele models) -

The Miele water protection system

The Miele water protection system protects the washing machine from water damage. The system consists of three main components:

1) the inlet hose

2) the electronic unit and the washing machine housing

3) the drain hose

1) Inlet hose

The inlet hose can withstand pressure of more than 7,000 kPa.

2) Electronic unit and washing machine housing

– Sump

Any leaking water is collected in a sump in the base of the machine. A float switches off the safety valves,

preventing any more water flowing into the machine and water in the suds container is pumped away.

– Overflow protection

This prevents the washing machine taking in too much water. If the water level exceeds a certain level, the

drain pump switches in and pumps the excess water away.

3) Drain hose

The drain hose is protected by a ventilation system which prevents the washing machine from being emptied completely.

Regarding the models available at John lewis, it's possible the new Miele range hasn't filtered through to all the shops yet. The older (more old fashioned looking) range will need to be sold first. As far as I know there's not much fundamental difference inside, but they've totally redesigned the looks. Some will like it, and others will prefer the classic look.

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Thanks for the information.

Interestingly I went to JL today and all the Miele washing machines there are special editions for John Lewis only. Apparently the specs have been updated especially for them i.e. increasing the speed from 1200rpm to 1400rpm. But the price stays the same.

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