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After 9 years my Indesit washing machine is close to death (though the dryer bit died about 6 years ago) and I need to replace it. This had a 5kg drum which I found a bit small. I have decided to go with a freestanding model as the integrated ones are so expensive and to just get a washing machine as I haven't missed the dryer (nor the excessive electric bills) at all.

I've read so many reviews my head is spinning at 1600rpm! I think I've got it down to a few models now, but am unsure which to go for.

Miele WDA101 7kg drum - cheapest price I can find is £539, is it worth this type of money for their entry level model?

Is there a Bosch model that's the equivalent standard as a Miele? Should I be considering Bosch washers?

Someone also recommended an LG washer, what are peoples thoughts on those?

I don't particularly need a washer that wants to communicate with me by smart phone (the PPI claims people do enough of that!) nor play a tune at the end of washing, I'm happy to whistle! I intend to be in the house when the washer is on as don't like leaving these things running whilst out.

I'm not bothered about lots of programmes neither, as long as I can wash jeans, jodphurs, jackes etc, throws, towels and bedding and it washes them very clean, then that's my needs met.

I normally use my washer once to a maximum of 3 times a week.


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The Miele is likely to be by far the superior washing machine. There is no Bosch washing machine that would come anywhere near close to a Miele in build quality. Personally I don't like any of the brown goods manufacturer's washing machines. They all make great TVs etc but washing machines and other white goods appliances are completely different. They all seem to focus too much on fancy specs, and as you say playing fancy tunes. Plus they seem to rely on networks of independent engineers or third party companies for repairs which can result in a lot patchier standards than brands that employ their own engineers or agents.

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The Miele W1 WMB120 certainly isn't the cheapest 8kg washing machine that you can buy, but it's certainly one of the best made. It's an absolute lump of a machine, weighing a lot more than other washing machines that I've tested. That's a good thing, though, as the weight means that it doesn't move, even when on the fastest spin cycle. I recommend checking its size out before you buy, though, as it's quite deep, so may not fit under all counters properly.

For those that can fit this machine, the WMB120 is a delight to use, with one of the most simple control panels and dials: there's only a few, important washes to choose from, rather than being overloaded with hundreds of settings that you'll most likely not ever use. Wash performance was excellent, working through our toughest stains with no trouble. Running costs are a little higher than some 8kg machines, though, averaging out to £50.85 per year for high-use families. If you value build quality, wash performance and simplicity above all else, though, this is a great washing machine.

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