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Is Miele easy to move?

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As the Miele are about 93Kg, can one be slid under a worksurface or put on chipboard and then slid under?

Are there any decent wheels or rollers to use?

It is a tiled floor as well, so I wonder wherther the tiles would crack under the load, probably not on chipboard?

I just wonder how realistic it is to buy S/H and to be able to move it in an estate car, probably not easy?

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Yes Miele washing machines are very heavy indeed. I have a few general tips on moving the washing machine on an article here - Tips on moving washing machine

I would imagine anything that you place under a washing machine to make it move easier would also cause it to move when on spin which is definitely not desirable. The washing machine should push into place over tiles though it can be difficult work especially with nothing to push against. You also have to be careful not to dent the washing machine if using knees or feet.
You can place a small amount of washing-up liquid or even WD-40 under each of the feet. This would make it much easier to move but unless the lubricant wears off quickly it can cause the machine to move about on spin. The washing machine feet need to be firm and level for the washing machine to be stable. However, Miele washing machines tend to be very stable and rarely move about at all, so you may get away with just a little bit.
Actually picking up a second-hand Miele washing machine in a car is not a good idea unless you got two strapping blokes. They are very heavy things to move about which of course is testament to how well they are made.

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I've just self-installed a WMB120 which weighs 94Kg (102Kg with packaging).  Realise this is an old thread but just in case this helps anyone.

They are very heavy but not unmanageable.  Bear in mind that 94Kg is the weight of a largish adult male and your floor supports that fine, albeit maybe not focused on such a small area.

Mine went under a work surface fine.  It's hard work sliding it back but just take it slowly and push from the bottom and it will move, unless you have an exceptionally "grippy" floor surface.  The hardest part I found was levelling it properly.  You can't do this whilst it's under the work surface so it's a question of working out roughly which corners need adjustment with a spirit level whilst it's in place, then pulling it back out.  Tip it up slightly (push firmly sideways from the top and it should grip the floor enough to tip rather than slide) then wedge a couple of books under it so you can get under and adjust the feet on that side.  Slide back in, check level, repeat as necessary.  It is tiring pushing it around so much.

Transportation will be the biggest issue.  The weight itself won't be a problem at all but getting it in and out of the car will require a couple of strong people at least as lifting that much weight that high is hard.

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