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Ignis Ig 95 La

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Could someone please help me understanding these options on my washing machine Ignis IG 95 LA.

I am not able to find the user guide/ manual on internet..

I don't see any option for Spins/ duration.

neither am i understanding any other options on the front.

Images are attached.

Thanks in advance.




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  • Root Admin

16 is spin only, 15 is rinse and spin. The others are wash cycles and show what temperature they get to as well as what type of wash action, gentle or normal.

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Hi there,

The programs marked in yellow at cottons, the programs marked in green are synthetics and the programs in pink are special programs.

1. Cottons 90 with prewash
2. Cottons 90
3. Cottons 60

4. Cottons 40
5. Rinses
6. Special treatments (this is where the softener is added, but it can also be used to add bleach. Not used much these days)
7. Full Spin

8. Synthetics 60 with prewash
9. Synthetics 60
10. Synthetics 40
11. Rinses
12. Special treatments
13. Short Spin

14. Freshen Up 35, by the looks of it, but can't confirm.

Not sure about 15 & 16. They look the same as some of the synethetics cycle, but it doesn't make sense to have 2 cycles exactly the same, so I'll leave those.

The first button on the left is for full or half spin (800 being full, 550 being half), then heavy soil, then no spin and finally half load on the end.

This machine is a washer-dryer, so it looks like the middle dial is the timer for the dryer function. Not sure how to active the drying cycle, but possibly that's what program 16 does?

So, for a standard cottons 40 cycle, you'd want program 4, the temperature dial at 40 and then press start.

For a full spin on it's own, you want program 7.

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