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Found 1 result

  1. HI, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice please. I have a Magnet fitted kitchen, done in 2007, with an integrated Zanussi Washer Dryer ZJD 12191. The dryer part of it packed up about 7 years back, and now the washing machine is leaking. Rather than pay for a repair I'm considering buying a new washer dryer, but I have a problem with dimensions. The current machine is H 82cm; W 60 cm; D 54 cm. So the depth is pretty slim. The worktop depth itself is 60cm. I'm not sure whether the current appliance is slim because there is something behind it, or whether it was because I just happened to choose that model. I don't remember the designer telling me I had to choose a certain model. Unfortunately I can't get the machine out myself to look, as it's too heavy. The photos below show you what the plumbing from the machine to the U-bend looks like underneath the sink (machine is to the right of the sink), in case that answers a question. Obviously no one can tell me for sure, but based on this, does it look like I need another slim machine? I can only find a couple of Indesit, Beko and an AEG advertised as 54cm (or 54.5cm). In case you hadn't guessed I don't know much at all about any of this! Maybe I should pay for a repair this time and ask the repair person to measure the gap so I know for the future -but I don't really want to spend out on a knackered machine. Many thanks
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