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Do Washing Machines Use Too Little Water Now?

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I started this thread after my blog article why can't modern washing machines rinse properly? attracted so many comments (almost 600) that it became very slow to load for new users and would take a good few hours for anyone to read them. I'm hoping the hardcore of commenter's will be happy to continue on this topic in this more appropriate place - especially as most recent comments were between a small group of people helping each other. It's great that Washerhelp / Whitegoodshelp can facilitate a small community to discuss issues they have in common. Please feel free to use the forums accordingly.

If you are new to to subject please join in too but try to at least read the article and some of the comments before commenting here if you can.

The basic issue in the article was that the quest by manufacturers and consumers for washing machines to use as little water as possible has gone too far for some. Many people are highly sensitive to detergent and find modern washing machines don't rinse it out properly at all. This appears to be backed up (as mentioned in the article) by Which? reports, which inspired my article in the first place. - why can't modern washing machines rinse properly?

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