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Indesit Iwdc6105 - Filled With Cold Water After Wash Cycle

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After the last wash, machine has filled up with cold water - but not above the bottom of the door - and now won't drain.

There isn't an LED display so there's no error message.

When I want to start a cycle, the 'door locked' light flashes red repeatedly (not in a pattern ie. 7 times).

I've read some of your forum and I think I need to take out the cold water lead (from top right-hand corner of back of machine) and make sure it's not blocked, should I do this?

Please help, I know very little about this sort of thing.

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Buying from my affiliate links supports this forum :) 

I've already put all the advice I can think of do deal with a washing machine not emptying the water (including how to drain it). I would drain out the water using the advice in my article.

If by any chance the washer has filled up with water without being on a programme there are a couple of explanations here - Washing machine fills with water overnight or when switched off

If the article and all the other relevant ones it links to don't help I would suggest getting an engineer.

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