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Washing Machine Plumbing

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Hello. I built my kitchen cabinet with 860mm height. And my washing machine has a height of 844mm. The water outlet will pump water out of the washing machine. The plan is to plumb it under the sink, so that it will pump water directly into the pipe under the sink. However, pipe hole is quite high at 650mm above ground. Hence, the water might converge inside the pipe, or even move into the washing machine hence malfunctioning it.

Any solution to this?

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If the pipe is too high you can get water running back into the washing machine or if it's too low it can trigger siphoning. These articles talk about the correct way to plumb a washing machine's drain hose in -

Washing machine constantly fills with water and goes down the drain

What do I need to watch out for after repairing or installing a washing machine?

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