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Can Washing Machine Powder Be Used In A Dishwasher Without It Causing Damage?

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Can washing machine powder be used in a dishwasher without it causing damage?

My dad constantly insists on throwing washing machine powder (like Daz or Bold etc.) into the dishwasher instead of using an actual dishwasher tablet (like Finish etc.), claiming that it's "all the same thing". Me and the rest of my family think this is horrible and surely can't be good for the dishwasher itself or the things being washed inside.

What's the definitive answer?

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They are meant to do totally different jobs, on totally different things. I would agree that it makes no sense to use washing machine detergent in a dishwasher. I'm surprised he doesn't put fairly liquid in as at least that is also designed to wash pots. However, doing so could cause excessive over-foaming and cause the dishwasher to malfunction.

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My nephew tried washing up liquid and their was foam everywhere , I have tried W5 stain remover power in the dishwasher and it works great, better than the cheap dish washer tablets, though you might have to add salt of you are in a hard water area.

If you get really bad foaming in a washing machine or dishwasher add a little bit of fabric conditioner or in a emergency hair conditioner , and it will kill the bubbles in seconds.

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