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I Want To Repair My Washing Machine

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Hi...hope someone can advise?

My washing machine is a 2nd hand Hoover washer dryer (about 10 years old) and has been brilliant for 3 years. It has started making a noise while washing and last wash it got pretty bad. So I called a repair man out who, when I span the drum just said 'Oh you can't fix it. I can sell you a new one though etc etc...' and I felt he was just a salesman rather than a repairer. I am an environmental freak and wanted to get it repaired, but he said the bearings have gone and its not worth repairing. He didnt open his tool box or take the lid off the machine. I know this sounds awful but I didnt know whether to trust him or not. Does anyone know if this is correct? If I do need to get a machine can anyone recommend an eco friendly one?

Thanks so much...I just got back from holiday and have loads and loads of washing!!

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I can fully understand your concerns and your suspicions. I'm afraid the repair man is probably so used to a large percentage of these jobs being beyond economic repair he has just become a bit casual about the whole thing. You can tell if drum bearings have gone usually by opening the door and spinning the drum by hand. Here are some general tips on troubleshooting a noisy washing machine

Most Hoover washing machines require either a new tub rear half or a complete new outer tub when the bearings fail. You can tell if the bearings have gone without needing to take off the lid or even opening the toolbox. If you want a truly eco friendly washing machine you have to buy one that is going to last a long time and this has been a campaign of mine for many years. My argument is that no matter how environmentally friendly product is while being used if it only lasts a fraction of its potential lifespan because it cannot be repaired either by design or because of economics then it cannot be truly environmentally friendly.

The best environmentally friendly washing machines that I know are the ISE10 washing machine which is high quality to start with and much more repairable than any other due to their policy of not profiting from spare parts and an open technical support policy by ISE - ISE washing machine concept and aspirations


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