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Beko Wma765

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My experience of them is that they are similar in build to and design to some older Creda, Hotpoint and other common washing machines but they may not be as sophisticated in looks and features. Beko washing machines are easy to work on and parts are available at relatively reasonable prices. Most of their washing machines in the UK are aimed at the budget end of the market. The ISE washing machine is made by Beko with some different specifications to the standard ones they make and a much longer guarantee.

Mindful of the comment in the other Beko thread (above) I have noticed there is the Beko WMA765 that is advertised as having a very short (15min) wash cycle as well as the usual A rated appliance. Available for @£280.

As our aged AEG grumbles along we were prepared to splash out much more on a 'better' quality replacement (probably a Miele) but the short wash feature of this looks good.

Anyone got one of these and can comment on its benefits and ability? Or any problems?

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The problem with picking a washing machine that washes the quickest is that the speed of the wash is only one aspect and you could end up with a disappointing washing machine.

If wash times are very imnportant to you, a better buy could be the new Electrolux timesaver washing machine - Quick wash options aren’t quick enough - let’s set the time ourselves. AEG-Electrolux are a better make than Beko (although not as good as your older AEG).

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