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Space is very tight for where my machine is to go, my current machine with a width 590mm will go in with a squeeze. So I've resorted to actually measuring machines on show in the like of Currys, Comet, etc, to find a machine a few mm less then 590.

I found a Servis machine the M6704 on show at Currys, which whilst being advertised/displayed as 595mm wide is actually about 585mm wide. Looking on the Servis site, personally I would like a M6702s (silver) to go in with the design of my kitchen, but cannot find this on show to actually measure myself. I asked Servis customer help, but they said all machines are the standard width at 595mm, where my experience tells me different.

Does anyone know of , or have a machine, less then 590mm wide? do you have a Service M6702, how wide is it!?

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It's very surprising to see a washing machine a full 10mm less than specified. Manufacturers usually use the same cabinets for all their washing machines in any particular range - especially if they look the same styling like these two do. Therefore it's pretty likely they will both measure the same. However, if you are banking on a maximum of 590mm and it doesn't fit you may have trouble rejecting it because all the specs say it's 595. If things are really critical I understand why you'd need to physically measure one yourself. Maybe you'll have to scour the city for a store that has one on display somewhere unless someone can post their measurements.

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