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John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances


Miele Or John Lewis


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Great site-seriously didn't think there could be that much to write on washing machines but how wrong i was!!!

anyway our washing machine bit the dust and am now in need of a new one pretty quickly so i have read through various threads and have taken on board the quality/reliability issues etc between makes.

After reading so much good stuff about the miele's i thought i would look at them and bearing in mind our tightish budget the ones we could afford are the W1512 and the premier 520.Am i right in thinking the difference is a digital display on one but not the other hence the £30 price difference even though the John Lewis site has neither of them having a digital display? (as i can't see any other difference in the spec apart from appearance.)

then i saw the john lewis own make JLWM1202 and the JLWM1203 which are £200 cheaper and have a 3yr guarantee

so now i'm a bit confused as i was willing to pay more for the quality of the miele but as the JL own brand are not far off half the price and recommended also i would really be losing out by going with one of them.

another question i have is the John Lewis website doesn't mention anything about the extended 5 year warranty relating to the w1512 even though its on the miele website-if i bought the machine am i still entitled to the 5yr warranty if i download the form from the miele site? also on the same point is the premier 520 covered by the warranty as the machine doesn't appear on the miele list.

any help much appreciated


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I can't see any difference between the premier 520 and the W 1512 other than the styling. There is a small depth difference which could be significant if you have space restrictions though. The newer designed W 1512 is 63.4cm deep as opposed to the Premier 520 which is 58cm deep. Neither of these models have a digital display according to John Lewis but I suspect they mean an LCD display when they specify "digital display". Both have what Miele call a " Slimline display", which looks like an LED display and shows amongst other things "Time Remaining".

As far as I can see the only explanation for the price difference is that the newer design has achieved some cost savings. The door for example is now made of plastic instead of chrome steel and the control panel looks a little cheaper. However, the parts inside should be the same high quality. Although chrome steel looks much better (subjective) and is probably stronger - the plastic door used by Miele is made from the same type of plastic used in police riot shields. I've seen a promotional Miele video showing a small child sitting on top of the Miele door with his feet in the door opening and he is swinging on it. This proves how strong the door and hinge is. The video's I've seen (I may put some online later) show the same boy swinging on both the metal door and the plastic door. Therefore, the only fair objection to Miele using a plastic door should be because you prefer the look of the metal door. The control panel should still be better than most other washing machines but the old style panel looks even more durable as the writing is behind a protective cover whereas I think the writing on the newer style is printed directly on.

When spending this much money I suppose £30 is relatively minor but I would boil it down to which you like the look of best which for me personally is the traditional style Premier 520 .

John Lewis are usually very good at showing the correct extra warranty offer for Miele washing machines (Many retailers don't show any at all and try to sell their own warranties instead. If this happens you can get a refund on the warranty within usually a 1 month period if you subsequently find you didn't need it). Always check Miele's site Miele warranty promotions for the warranty you should get with any Miele model. Both the models you are looking at have 5 year warranties and yes, no matter where you buy it from you can use the downloadable form to register. I would expect there should be one in the washing machine's literature though.

The JLWM1202 and the JLWM1203 are £200 cheaper because they are not in the same league as Miele. They are good washing machines, and as good or better than others in the same price range but the extra £200 for the Miele (if you can afford it of course) gets a considerably better made washing machine which should last probably at least twice as long and is more stable and quiet.

Washerhelp's recommendations try to consider differing price ranges people are willing or able to spend up to.

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