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Where to buy heating element

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Sorry for the delay in replying. You've probably sorted it by now. Yes I would recommend getting the parts from Miele as a lot of spares companies don't sell Miele parts. However as you may have found out, spare parts for Miele washing machines, especially old ones can be eye-wateringly expensive.

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Just checking back to report on the latest development on my lovely Miele Top Loader. I ordered an original Miele heating element from espares in Ireland maybe a month back. It was around €100 but that`s OK for genuine replacement parts (wouldn`t want it any other way) Since replacing the two drum bearings with non original bearings a couple years back, i managed to damage the outer drum that contains the washing water (while elevating it) so water would leak during washing on the side opposite of the engine and belt drive etc. It took some guesswork but it looks like i nailed it in the end. The old heating element must have burned up a long time ago since there was little or no water to dissipate the 2100 watts of heat. I took the time and loosened the retaining "lip" and slowly but surely removed the thin stainless steel drum wall after removing the cast iron weight which was a pain to remove because of all the bolts but is doable. There was a LOT of grease and old dirt on the drum wall so cleaned it to perfection. Also cleaned the rubber gasket and put it back on but ofcourse now knowing it can not be trusted to be watertight...i decided to flood the whole lower 180 degree gasket area with a metric ton of Tec7 sealant. IT WORKED ! Put it all back and hoped for the best. Now there`s not a drop of water coming through the drum :) So...i knew i could now go ahead and install the new heating element. Happy to report the machine now runs like new and all the washing programs that took like 3-4 hours to complete now only take like 60-90 minutes. So that right there is a good indicator the heating element is dead in the water and needs replacing 😉 I can`t believe i did all this work, but the simple fact is i did and it worked out in the end. I will probably need to replace the two shock absorbers soon but that is a walk in the park compared, lol. Funny to note i found a sticker under the right rubber lip where you put the laundry inside and it said march 8th, 1999. TTFN...   

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