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Some things on my mind.


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My criteria:

  • a width of 59.8cm or less. Anything wider and I may have to compromise on how level the washing machine is.
  • a budget of sub-£450.
  • initially, I wanted a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • at least 8kg capacity
  • a machine that supports a mixed load at full or near-full capacity
  • a machine that lets you speed the programme up without having to reduce the load

My first choice was the 10kg Haier HW100-B14876. There's an 8kg version but I prefer the 10kg version as the 8kg version is rather small in depth and there would be a lot of wasted space under the worktop. The 10kg version fits within the same footprint as our current 6kg machine, but my wife feels that 10kg is overkill; that constantly using the machine underloaded will harm the machine, whereas I feel that the extra space will help the clothes move around better and the machine will adjust the wash as per its smart sensors.

She is also sceptical about the whole brand in and of itself, despite the five-year warranty, and would rather have a machine from a more popular manufacturer, even with a shorter warranty.

Based on that criteria, with a 2-year warranty, the Bosch WAN28108GB caught my eye as its anti-allergy programme can tolerate up to 6.5kg even on the SpeedPerfect setting. However, it is sparse on features like steam, unlike the other machines in this post.

I then discovered that Hotpoint machines let you use the Rapid programme even on a full 8kg load, just like the Haier, which is super convenient. So from the Hotpoint range my eye is on the Hotpoint NSWM843CWUKN, or the Hotpoint NM11 845 WC A, depending on whether Hotpoint include the depth of the door in their measurements.

Can you advise me on:

  • Whether Hotpoint include the door in their depth measurements?
  • How harmful would it be to put 8kg of clothes into the Bosch, when running it on its 6.5kg programme?
  • Would it be better to use a 8kg machine usually to its capacity, or a 10kg machine usually underloaded?
  • How would you rank these machines, especially in terms of getting maximum longevity?
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Hello there. It looks like you know exactly what you want but it is difficult for someone to seek out something that matters all of your requirements. The best thing I can suggest is to check out the Which? reviews

you will also find my articles here of some use Washing Machine Sizes Comparison | Washing machines different sizes | Pros and cons of different drum sizes

I'm not sure about the door in depth measurements. I suspect they don't include it. Check out my article above regarding large drum capacities. To me it's pointless buying one unless you are going to wash about half as often with twice as much laundry inside. Otherwise they are not economical at all. Personally out of the ones you mentioned I would only consider Bosch.

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