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I've spent a fair amount of time looking around for a new machine. My current Bosch WFG2420 is a bit broken and may need replacing. One of the things which I'm seeing repeated is that the current sub-300 pound Bosch models are potentially lower quality than they used to be when they sold for more.

The question is; what about machines which are being sold for less than 300 but have been reduced by 70+ quid? Should these be considered as (for example) £280 or £350 appliances? Or is that perhaps not a big enough price difference to be relevant?

Cheers, Peter.

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Hello Peter.

I would suggest you can't go on price alone for the following reasons. One of the biggest problems about the price of washing machines is that they are not a reliable indication of quality. The truth is that two washing machines costing (say) £500 can be worlds apart in quality, reliability and longevity. I have an article about this here - If I buy a more expensive washing machine, do I get a better washing machine?

Bosch have "dumbed down" over recent years although I use the phrase dumbed down cautiously because Bosch washing machines are still currently respected. According to Which? Bosch washing machines are above average reliability. I don't know how they do it for the money but they are a great choice if you want to spend in the £250 - £350 price range. Any washing machine in this price range is going to be subject to the risk of it being, "beyond economical repair" much before its true life expectancy because major parts and repairs are likely to be disproprtionately expensive.

My opinion is that the single most important choice to make when buying a washing machine is the brand. If after researching Washerhelp and Which? £1 trial offer you settle on one or more Brands of washing machine, then pick the cheapest model they make that has all the features you need.

In the price range you quote, I would be happy to buy a Bosch washing machine personally.

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Thanks for this advice.

It looks as though I may have encouraged my current machine to hold on a little longer so I will hopefully have more leisure to look at my options - and more time perhaps to save up for a machine with a longer life expectancy.

Thanks again, Peter.

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