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I've been told that the latest Bosch models when they spin are virtually silent. Is this the case and does any know why? (Without getting too technical)

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It’s most likely a lack of carbon brushes. The carbon brushes in a motor have to trail on the commutator which has lots of segments with a small gap between them. This creates noise. 

Many modern washing machines these days have brushless motors so the motors are virtually silent on wash. The only sound on wash is the water sloshing about. However, on spin, although much quieter than a motor with carbon brushes you still get Some noise from the motor and the noise of the drum bouncing around and the cabinet vibrating.

To make a washing machine extra quiet on spin you need better quality suspension and higher quality parts in general - and a stronger cabinet, which is unlikely on a Bosch as they are good but in the budget to mid price range. They may have just fitted a lot of insulating material.  

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We bought a Bosch very recently and it one of these new really quite ones (which is greta), our only complaint it is seems to need a relatively large load to spin. We are forever adding a large towel to wash :-(

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