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Fill level seems too low

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We have a new LG WT7800, which is a High Efficiency top-loader. On Normal cycle the fill level seems very low – with a small load, there is no pooled water in the tub at all (though after several minutes of "washing" the clothes are at least wet), and with a medium load the water fill is several inches below the top of the load. Is this normal?

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Hello there. Modern washing machines try to use as little water as possible. Many of them employ various techniques to adequately wet the laundry with reduced water including scooping up water with the drum paddles which drips back onto the laundry or by using a re circulation pump to shower water onto the laundry. Having said that my experience is with front loading washing machines. I expect it's a similar story with top loaders, especially "high efficiency", but can't say for sure in you r particular case. If concerned you might be better asking the manufacturer. I would say that if the laundry comes out washed properly and rinsed properly then that should indicate it is probably working ok.

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