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I have a Miele W1514, about 10 years old.

I've had waterproof fault, and can see that the cause is a leak from around a hose that enters the top of the drum (right in the centre, connecting back to the detergent draw area). The hose doesn't appear to be split/damaged, but during the cycle some water is oozing out from around the joint between the rubber and the drum. Not a lot, but enough that after several washes the fault occurs.

I can see replacement hoses are available (eg. https://www.4washerhelp.co.uk/washing-machine/miele/concertina-hose/product.pl?pid=3231901), but I'm not clear how it is fitted - is it just a simple case of pulling out/pushed back in, or is it a bigger job involving disassembling the drum to get to some sort of inner attachment?

Alternatively, given I'm assuming its not sitting in water given where it is on the drum, is there some sort of sealant that could be applied without replacing the hose?



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Hello Ed. Yes they normally just push fit into the drum. It should be clamped at the other end but you should be able to see a jubilee clip or similar. Regarding sealing, yes it is possible to seal the hose though it can be a bit messy. If doing so I would recommend taking the hose out of the drum and cleaning it and drying it out. Then refitting it and putting something like Debor sealant around it. You could also potentially use something else but the Debor sealant is what washing machine engineers use. It is specifically designed for sealing in conditions where the hose will be subject to stresses and movement, so the sealant needs to remain flexible after drying.

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