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Bosch Spin Speeds

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After receiving fantastic reliability (20 years with no problems) the wife's “Zanussi” washing machine recently gave up the ghost and was replaced with a "BOSCH Exxcel 1400 express".

We are still in the process of finding our way around the new white box and the wife has encountered a potential problem or short-coming. She occasionally “hand washes” a few special (usually wool) garments and would then use the W/M spinner.

With the new box it does have a spin program but it seems to only spin at 400 rpm, which it pretty useless as the garments are almost as wet when you get them out as when you put them in. The machine does have a “Rinse & Spin” program where you can select a higher spin speed, but she won’t use it as she says it rinses with cold water which shrinks the woollens !!!.

If anyone has any solutions, It would help to get rid of my ear-ache.

Thanks, johnb

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Hello John,

I’ve never heard of cold water shrinking woolens. The special woolens washes still have cold rinses. Hot water does though and I’ve known people with hot and cold washing machines where the hot and cold fill hoses were connected wrong. This caused the laundry to be rinsed in hot water instead of cold, and wouldn’t do any woolens much good. Spinning them too fast can also cause damage to the fibres, woolens spins are usually 800 RPM.

Many washing machines these days don't have a separate fast spin program because using one used to cause a lot if out of balance loads. In the old days, when you could, I always used to advise people against it. I advised them to put hand washed laundry onto the last rinse before spin instead. The problem with putting hand washed items on a spin only program is that such items are often either single bulky items or small awkward loads, which are prone to getting out of balance.

When placing wet laundry into an empty drum, as soon as the drum starts revolving the centrifugal force tends to cause the laundry to stick to the drum as it revolves. This causes the tub to start swinging and makes it difficult to spread the items evenly round the drum which tend to be stuck in a clump. Using a rinse and spin helps the spin transition to be done smoothly as the drum starts turning ready for spin whilst the laundry is suspended in water and makes it more likely the clothes are settled round the drum

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