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Beko washing machine motor fault

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Model ECOWMB81445LW (ECO WMB 81445 LW) 

We've had our beko machine for 4.5 years. No previous problems. Drum is now not turning at all. When I first did the diagnostic I got the code "f 13" however when I do it again it now says "4 17". 

Hoping that it might be a carbon brush issue I have removed the back and motor however it looks like a sealed unit (no way to access brushes). I attach a photo of the motor (available to purchase for more than I am willing to pay for a replacement part). 

While dismantling I noticed a slight blockage in the out pipe. I tested the machine again after clearing the blockage but no change. Could this have been the cause of the fault? 

We keep it in the garage. Is this likely to reduce the lifetime? 

Is this a common fault? 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hello there. A blockage in the outlet pipe can't cause the motor to stop working. That's a totally different fault. The only thing a problem with draining the water out can cause is it can stop the motor going into the fast spin at the end. But it can't stop it from turning normally on wash and rinses and at the beginning of the spin cycle.

That looks like a puny little motor. It's a disgrace what they charge for them. The way to test the motor like that is with a continuity test meter across the pins. However you need to know which pins to test down. You could try testing with the multimeter continuity test meter to see if you get continuity across pairs of connectors but there are an odd number so maybe three of them are all connected if it has a split field coil.

If you can get continuity across all of the connections it would imply the motor is electrically sound. But ideally you should work out where the connectors go if you could take off the white cover by any chance. The motor is probably made to be unrepairable. It would be very unwise to just gamble on buying a new motor even if the price was palatable. If it isn't the motor at fault you need to check all of the connections on the motor plug and the motor wiring harness. And test continuity between each connector on the motor plug all the way back to the PCB. You would also need to check the connector on the PCB. If nothing is found then the PCB could be faulty but again, neither part is cheap enough to speculatively gamble on buying.

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