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I am looking to replace the hinge on my Bosch Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect. The hinge seems readily available but I am unable to work our how to take the door apart.

In the past doors used to have a series of screws for fixings and the door could be separated by removing these. However I notice that the door surround on this machine doesn't have any screws. Instead there are round plastic discs with a hole in the centre.

Are these factory moulded / fitted permantly or can these be removed somehow?

Or have am I over thinking it and I simply need to prise the door apart?


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Some washing machine doors are now designed to not be taken apart. Some need carefully prising apart with a small flat bladed screwdriver. If these plastic discs go all around the door they may well be how the two halves of the door are held together. If you try searching for door parts on Ransom Spares you might see if the door parts are separate or if the door is only available as a complete door. 

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Not that I can find but I'll dig around some more.

I've gone to the schematics on the Bosch website and there are 5 different parts; handle, hinges, glass, door surround & inner door but the only part that is sold by Bosch is the door and the only other parts I can find on other websites is a generic hinge that fits multiple models.

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On 24/01/2019 at 16:32, Roving-Ross said:

Thanks Andy. This confirms my suspicions that it may be one piece. I am keen to go down the route of just changing the hinge as It's the difference between £10 for a new hinge or £125 for a new door!

I'll have nothing to loose by trying to take it apart and if I'm successful I might post how I did this for others as there is nothing on the internet for this type of door (possibly for this reason :))

Was it a case of buying a new door then?   Also, did you have to remove the metal spring around the rubber seal and fold the rubber seal in order to hold onto the back of the door hinge (as some videos suggest doing) - or you just unscrewed at the hinge and were careful to hold the door on the last screw? Thanks!

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I was replacing a die cast hinge on my machine where a lug had snapped, located on eBay for approx £10-£15 depends on who you trust to go with....or Bosh direct for £20ish.

OK it sounded a bit traumatic whilst you do it but but the flat head screwdriver is the approach.

Remove the door from the machine (2mm star head screwdriver). 

On the back of the door is a locating slot, use a flathead to prise off the facia. Work around the door, there are approx 10 sets of lugs. They are only ribs and so don’t snap, although it sounds like they are. Might be worth trying at the hinge area as this prized apart quite quickly. Once the fascia is away the 10 screws are revealed, and away you go.

The facia snapped back on easily

It took me about 20 minutes 

Good Luck



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