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Hi, I have had the engineers out several times on my 3 year old John Lewis (AEG). It is now fixed after replacing the drum and the motor and fixing a loose wire on the heater. However the front seal clip fell off today on the first load after the fix. It is not tight as the spring has been stretched. I have squeezed the spring so it is a bit tighter and probably won’t fall off again, but it’s not really serving any function. Is this a problem or should I just leave it? Also the arrows at the top of the seal don’t line up. The seal is about 1 cm to the right. Are either of these things something I should worry about.

Many thanks,


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If it's the thin clamp band around the front lip of the door seal its function is to keep the seal securely fitted to the door rim. The spring has probably become stretched when the engineer took it off. Without it the door seal flange can peel off. If this happens the door won't close properly, or you could get leaks. It's not likely to come off during a wash, but it could cause inconvenience and could regularly start to peel away. I would contact them and ask them to send you a new one. or alternatively if they won't send one ask them to come and fit one.

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