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Running A Washer On A Cold Feed Only

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We currently own a washer with both hot and cold water feeds which is running like this in the current position in our kitchen.

We are thinking of moving the washer into one of our out buildings where there already is running water and drainage. However, to do this we would need to run it on a cold feed only using a 'y' piece into both inlets.

The only concerns I have about doing this is that the water will not get up to temperature in enough time, particularly at this time of year when the cold water is REALLY cold. I would imagine that the problem would be on 60 and 90 degree washes.

Has anyone got any experience of running a washer like this and can give me an answer to my concerns?

Thanks in advance,


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Hopefully someone can post about their experience, but I've never used a washing machine anywhere but in a kitchen. However I've repaired many in garages and other out-buildings. The cold shouldn't stop it working. It may take a little longer, but the software should continue working as long as the water is being heated. They monitor the temperature changes and should detect that it's being raised.

Can you use a washing machine with cold water supply only?

A bigger concern is freezing pipes. Make sure they are lagged, and always turn the taps off when the washing machine isn't being used. A couple of times I've seen washing machines completely written off when the water valve inside the washing machine cracked after the water inside froze. The next time the washing machine was used the water sprayed everywhere inside soaking the programmer and the motor. However these where rare instances and I can't remember if it was after particularly severe cold weather or not. I can't even remember the exact siting of the washing machine either. Hopefully a decent garage wouldn't get that cold. If weather was particularly cold, you can remove the water from the valves after washing by turning the tap off and putting the washer onto a non fast coloureds program which would draw in the water from the hose and valve. After the washer has tried to fill (you should hear a humming) cancel the program.

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