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pump and everything ells clogged up (Beko)

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Hello fellow washers

I was the proud owner of a Beko WTG50M1W machine, until I put something I should not of put in the machine. Well the item I put in the machine has completly broken up into little bits.

I have gotten into the drum cleaned it out ect, but when I put the machine on a new wash, I can hear a strange sound coming from the pump like it is pumping no water and of cource there is no water getting into the drum its self, and after a while the machine times its self out and stops. went to check the filter housing only to find the filter missing so I guess it has clogged up the pump


What would be the next stage please?


Thanks in advanced 

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Hello. I'm not sure exactly what your current problem is. You said there's no water getting into the drum, but also you think the pump is clogged up, which would stop water being pumped out. So I'm not sure whether the problem is that there is no water going in or that it is not pumping the water out? From your description of what happened it shouldn't stop the water from going into the washing machine, unless the washing machine is already full of water and it can't get rid of it. If that is the case try this article - Washing machine won't drain water

If the washing machine won't fill with water then this article covers the possible problems  Washing machine won't fill with water

On a more general note, if something has got inside the washing machine that has broken up into smaller pieces it may be difficult to get them all out depending on what it is. If the pieces are light plastic they will float about and resist being sucked into the pump. If they are heavier items than they should gravitate towards the pump where they can be retrieved, which is good except that heavy items can also punch a hole through the plastic drum and cause fatal damage. So if the item has any parts on it that are substantial enough to break through the tub do not use the washing machine again until you have got them all out.

You might also find my article here of use How to remove something stuck in washing machine drum

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