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Lost Washing Machine User Manual

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I recently moved into a new house. The washing machine has loads of buttons and wash settings on it, but there is absolutely no indication of what the settings and symbols mean, like temperature, spin, etc. The instruction manual is lost.

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I've tracked down some washing machine instruction books (user manuals) and put links to them here - Washing machine instruction books and user manuals Unfortunately though, many instruction books are unavailable. If you can't get a replacement washing machine user manual and you have little clue about how to use a particular washing machine, the following advice may be helpful.

If the washing machine doesn't have a digital display the washes and temperatures may not be obvious. A washing washing machine may use either symbols, letters or numbers. If the washing machine has letters or numbers -

  • Wash programs usually start with the hottest washes at the lowest number or letter, and work round to the final fast spin
  • The very first letter or number could be either a pre wash, or a boil wash with a pre wash. The next one may be just be a boil wash without a pre wash
  • After that it's usually the 60 degree washes, then the 40 degree washes and woollens
  • The latter programs are delicates and rinses and spins, with the final one always being the last spin
TIP: Experiment working backwards as the higher programs are usually the lower temperatures and the programs in the middle are usually in the middle temperature range.

NOTE: The advice above is most relevant for a control knob where the programs are all sequential and in one block. That is, A through to H or 1 through to 10. Many washing machine program controls are now split into 2 or more sections, so it could be that all the delicates are together and all the hotter washers are together. If so, there will be stops after the final spin of each section marked with a line or a dot. To find out which section this bank of programs is, the normal programs for cottons etc. will usually have a full spin at the end, and delicate washes should have a slower or shorter spin at the end. So, find a stop point, where the machine literally stops, and test the spin just before it to see if it's a full spin or a slower shorter one. Then you can tell if the programs preceding it (right up to the stop point at the other end) are likely to be delicate washes or hotter ones. If the programs are split up into 2 sections, both sections should contain a 40 degree wash, the one with the slower spin should be the more gentle action one.

Here are some related useful links. They don't describe the wash symbols on washing machines, but on laundry What Care Symbol and Instructions Mean | Wash care labels

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A link to downloadable user manuals is available on the main Washerhelp site here - Washing machine instruction books and user manuals The problem is that the manufacturers sites don't always have all of the instruction manuals available. If yours doesn't show, the only thing you can do is use their contact page or form to ask for help.

No one independently stocks washing machine instruction books, there are way too many, there's no where near enough demand, and there's just not enough profit in selling an instruction book. If you can't find your instruction book from the Washehelp links then the manufacturer is the best place to get one. User manuals can be bought as spares from some spares companies but they will almost always just order it specially from the manufacturer which will cause long delays.


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