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Indesit WD12X died - Need to replace

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Hi All,

I have an Indesit WD12X which is probably 10 years + old. 

It died the other day, loads of noise, banging around and now the drum wont turn by the machine and when I try to turn it by hand, it's very stiff, grindy and moves.

Either way, With the cost of replacements and the age of this machine, I am happy to let it be taken away..

I am looking for a replacement washing machine, I am not interested in the dryer aspect, I was thinking about a Beko Liw714w15.


The one thing I have noticed is that my Indesit has 3 pipes going to it, 1 conduit covered one down the bottom and 2 up the top wth red and blue collars, both of which join to a Y pips on the cold feed of the tap next to it. 

It seems easy enough for me to disconnect all of this and install the new machine rather than paying £44 for install but I am concerned that the new machine only has 1 input... Do I block off one of the pupes? Why does my current machine have 2 but all the new ones I look at have 1?


Also, one last thing before I disconnect this machine.

The pipes which the 2 (red / blue) pips join to has a little valve on, which I assume i turn to close before disconnecting the pipes and where the conduit covered pipe goes to, this also has a valve which I assume needs turning off before disconnecting?


Many thanks



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Yes virtually every washing machine is now cold fill only so you just need to connect the cold water hose. I have an article discussing  the best thing to do with the old hot water tap

The taps that have the red and blue plastic handles on them need turning off. This is done by turning it. It will only turn one way, and only so far. Sometimes these taps don't fully turn off so watch out for that. Either the plastic and crack or break, or the valve inside can become very stiff. If you have any problems just remove the plastic handle and use pliers to turn off the tap.

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