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Hello, I've had my bosh classixx 1200 express washing machine since at least 2008, I bought from a charity for £5.00. But lately its making such a noise, rattling, for over 6 months now, if I hold onto it its a bit better but can be heard from far away and makes the flat shake. It still does a great wash however. Its not the leveling and when I move it its such a weight. I think its breaking, it sometimes has a slight leak at the front. I guess i've come here to hear what you think? My guess is I need to buy a new one, i have the money now but as ever would rather buy something else. Ive been holding off and didn't want to buy one but my money won't always be there. To me I wonder if its going to fall to pieces one day and should just accept that and buy another while I can. I have no more than £300 for another... any suggestions ,I would be very grateful.

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Best replace it before it lets you down without warning leaving you in a panic. It's difficult to recommend specific washing machines but try to read this article Which is the best washing machine to buy? and if that's not enough help consider taking a Which? trial out to get access to all their reviews - Why subscribe to Which?

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